The Khadi Bhandar came into existence way back in 1957, carrying forward the cherished dreams of the father of our nation; championing the cause of the upliftment of the downtrodden, employing the rural population and eradicating poverty.

Gandhiji believed that the development of the villages is vital for the growth of the country.

The Board reflects the Gandhian economic philosophy and helps in the progress of the villages, where 75% of the Indian population lives. Its activities reflects the silent revolution in building up a strong and self-reliant rural community.

There are a number of Khadi Spinning and Weaving units functioning under the Board that employs hundreds of rural men and women.

Khadi evokes a sense of Nationalism, Peace, and Simplicity among Indians as it is closely associated with India’s freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Khadi stands for Indian culture and represents a way of life as well as a model for economic development of Indian villages.

Khadi fabrics are woven on handloom from cotton, silk, and woolen yarn, which are hand spun. It is natural and durable and is ideal to wear in the tropical Indian climate as it provides cool comfort. They are friendly to the body and doesn't cause any allergies or irritations.

The production of Khadi fabric is a labour intensive process as all the processes are done manually. The yarn is produced from the natural cotton by conventional methods using charka.

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