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etEngine-ERP is a Comprehensive Business Management Solution with domain specific design to streamline Production and other Business processes of companies that Manufacture complex & custom products. etEngine is enabled with Automation Tool to integrate live shop floor actives to reduce human intervention to get single data for Better Analysis. Enabled with Management Dashboard Reporting & Mobility for information on the fly.

Industry vertical solution

etEngine-ERP is designed to meet domain specific requirements of Industries from medium-sized to large scale companies with Design-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, or mixed-mode discrete manufacturing operations.

Vertical Supported:
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Engineering & Equipment Industries
  • Capital goods & Assembly Industries
  • Automotive & Ancillary Industries
  • Foundry & Casting Industries
  • Tooling Industries
  • Plastic & Rubber Industries
  • Trading & Textile Industries
Key Highlights
  • Industry specific made order Business Management Tool
  • Automation & integrating with external devices
  • Enabled with management dashboard
  • Powerful data access & report design
  • One point truth for data analysis
  • Easy deployment & maintenance
  • Scalable architecture
How we deliver
  • etEngine-ERP is enabled with domain specific work flow configuration
  • Business mapping documentation is standardized over a period of 10 years
  • Enabled with domain experts for faster & accurate AS-IS documentation
  • Template for data portability
  • Onsite & onsite support during go-live

etEngine is available as “On Premise Solution” & “On Cloud” exclusive for Manufacturing Industries. Go Live in shortest time! More than 50+ Satisfied MNC/Listed, Large/Medium/Small scale Customers across India since 10+ years. ROI assured in minimum period of time. Helps Take Right Decisions in Right Time!

Core Solutions for problems of manufacturing industry:
  • Material Requirement Planning, Scheduling, Subcontracting,
  • Consumption variance analysis
  • Constrain based planning based upon the machine & Labour
  • Defect wise analysis-Heat / defect / product-Root cause analysis
  • Quality templates process wise-Raw material / WIP / FG
  • Activity based costing & variance tracking tool, ensure better profitability
  • Plant maintenance-Machine history/Effective plan utilization
Foundry specific solutions

Challenges faced by foundry industries is to meet on time customer delivery schedules, reduce quality cost (rejection), better & efficient energy utilization, inventory carry cost and labor utilization. etEngine-Foundry ERP specifically designed & implemented in 50 major foundries across India, enabled with best practices of Foundry Industries to meet the above challenges.

  • Product costing
  • Tool to estimate the product cost for better quote with 99% accuracy
  • Tool to compare the actual cost of production to ensure profitability
  • Complete production planning solution to know
  • Capacity utilization & bottleneck analysis of Moulding, Melting & Core making
  • Raw material planning for better ‘just in time inventory’
  • Scheduling of shop floor (modeling line) to meet customer deliveries
  • Complete foundry shop floor solution to know
  • Daily production log, line with planning
  • Rejection Analysis-Heat/ Product / Defect wise
Auto Ancillary specific features

Challenges faced by Auto Ancillary is to meet the customer fluctuating demand for various automobile models, ensuing timely procurement from vendors & flexibility in production. etEngine specifically provides dynamic Material planning tool enables the flexibility in customer delivery schedule with automated material procurement schedule & monitoring of material delivery dates with automated email alert to the vendors. Online work center wise production log to trace the WIP

  • Flexible MRP tool to management customer delivery schedules and procurement
  • Work center load analysis for better Order scheduling
  • Quality control at work-order and pre-distribution levels
  • User-defined classifications of items ensures better inventory management
  • Reuse / salvage options help in reducing waste
  • Efficient tool management.
  • Shift-level MRP and re-ordering ensures optimum availability and utilization of materials
  • Improved vendor management
Engineering specific features

Engineering Industry: Challenges faced by Engineering Industries are tracking of the Orders as per the delivery schedules, Most of the time order completion cycle will be in 3 to 10 weeks cycle time. Challenge is to track material availability, ensuring Plant Utilization as per the incoming orders & ensuring on time deliveries from sub-contractor.

etEngine- ERP specifically designed & implemented to meet the business requirement Engineering Industries. Work order based tracking of material reservation, purchase & issue.

  • Drill down Bill of Materials
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Production Scheduling-Plant Capacity Utilization
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Reservation
  • Automated Supplier Delivery Schedules
  • Capacity Planning
  • Manpower Planning
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