About Us

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. is a Consulting, Training and Software Development Organization specialized in providing Beyond Business Management Solutions that enhances the productivity of client organizations.

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD., has developed an in house ERP Software Product catering to all kinds of manufacturing industries like Engineering, Automobile, Capital Goods, Foundry/Casting, Components, Machine Shop, etc., which integrates all the department functions both internally and externally. The flagship readymade product is sold under the brand name ‘etEngine’ for more than 10 years across India with 50+ customers with 1000+ users, including MNC′s, Public/Private Limited Companies, be it large/ medium/ small scale.

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. provides Consulting Services in Software, BPR, Manpower Placements, Telecom, EXIM, and Training Services in IT and Soft Skills, for both Corporates and Individuals, etc.


The SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. mission is to help clients achieve and sustain customer-focused competitive advantage with significant bottom-line impact. SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. combines extensive knowledge in business excellence practices with deep industry experience to build and strengthen client capabilities. SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. reflects this commitment to quality and results by maintaining its own quality management system.

History and Vision

Founded in 1999, SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. is headquartered in Bangalore, IT capital of India with marketing and support services all over India. SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. is a leader in Consulting and Training; our unique integrated methodology is designed to continuously improve your business management systems and impact the bottom line.

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. emphasizes producing cost savings in your business process improvements while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This enables our clients to maintain and expand their existing business in the face of a more competitive world market.


SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. specializes in Software Development, Quality management, Business Intelligence, Telecom, Exim, Manpower Placements and training services in IT and Soft Skills, etc. and Performance Enhancement consulting and integrated training to an extensive array of service and industry sectors.

Satisfied Customers

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. customers are loyal and satisfied with relationships as long as 10+ years with us, SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. customers stay with us because we provide the business management expertise they need to improve their operations along with customized solutions to fit their individual needs.

Industries Served

SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD.' broad experience encompasses hundreds of companies in various types of industries. Our employees, consultants and trainers have in depth knowledge and they bring their experiences to each engagement. We believe that systemic approaches to business excellence go beyond industry boundaries. However, we also recognize that a deep understanding of a particular industry can be useful for certain types of engagements. Consequently, SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. consultants have deep expertise in their given industry. SPSINTRAD PVT. LTD. has experts and capabilities in all the industries like Manufacturing, Foundry / Casting, Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering, Technology, Telecommunications, Software, Transportation, etc.